Sean Gallagher

Refocusing on My Goals for Running


Today I’m refocusing on one of my goals for running. I’m going to qualify for the marathon Olympic trails 2016. Is it going to be tough? Sure. Does it require immense dedication? Yes. Is it impossible? No. Will I do it? Yes! My first step is to reevaluate my basics.go here

1. Running/training schedule
2. Food & nutritional intake
3. Sleep & recovery
4. Attitude and mindset

Winner of the 2014 Florida Halfathon Challenge


This year’s winner of the Florida Halfathon Challenge is Sean Gallagher. The challenge is made up of competing athletes over a series of Half Marathons spanning several months.

Gallagher Breaks Clearwater Marathon Course Record


At the Clearwater Running Festival 2014, Sean Gallagher not only won the marathon but also broke the course record. As he sprinted in to the finish Gallagher knew he was on pace to be just under the course record breaking it by only a few seconds.

Gallagher takes 1st at Erie Marathon


“…Gallagher, 31, also was acquainted with winning the overall men’s championship on Presque Isle State Park’s 26.2-mile course. He did that for the second time Sunday when he crossed the finish line in 2 hours, 35 minutes, 10 seconds.”

Erie Times - Sep. 16th 2013

Gallagher Wins Erie Marathon and Honors Friend


It’s been 9 years since I last won this race. Now I’ve won it again on September 15, 2013. Erie Marathon was the very first marathon I had ever done. Just after graduating college back in 2004, one of my best friends at the time (Scott Fabry) told me that now that I’ve graduated and no longer a college athlete (cross country and track) that I should start doing marathons. Being a veteran marathon runner Scott took me under his wing, helped me train for and ran beside me for the first half of my very first marathon back in 2004.

Sean Gallagher is a professional athlete, marathon runner. As an aspiring runner his goal is to qualifying for the 2016 Marathon Olympic Trials.