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Refocusing on My Goals for Running

Today I’m refocusing on one of my goals for running. I’m going to qualify for the marathon Olympic trails 2016. Is it going to be tough? Sure. Does it require immense dedication? Yes. Is it impossible? No. Will I do it? Yes! My first step is to reevaluate my basics.go here

1. Running/training schedule
2. Food & nutritional intake
3. Sleep & recovery
4. Attitude and mindset


Gallagher Wins Erie Marathon and Honors Friend

It’s been 9 years since I last won this race. Now I’ve won it again on September 15, 2013. Erie Marathon was the very first marathon I had ever done. Just after graduating college back in 2004, one of my best friends at the time (Scott Fabry) told me that now that I’ve graduated and no longer a college athlete (cross country and track) that I should start doing marathons. Being a veteran marathon runner Scott took me under his wing, helped me train for and ran beside me for the first half of my very first marathon back in 2004.


Gallagher to Break Course Record at Clearwater Marathon

Gallagher will be running the Clearwater Marathon coming up on January 20th where he hope to break the course record of 2:36. In the past year Sean Gallagher has run a best time of 2:34 so if he can repeat that run on the 20th he is likely to break the course record. The Clearwater Marathon will be held in Coachman Park, Clearwater at 7:05am.


Erie Marathon 2012 – Gallagher Takes 5th

Sean Gallagher of Clearwater, Fla., returned fifth in an even 2:42. Gallagher, 30, was the marathon’s winner back in 2004.
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Gallagher will Run Grandma’s Marathon

Gallagher will be running Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota on June 16th.

Happy National Running Day!

Sean Gallagher is a professional athlete, marathon runner. As an aspiring runner his goal is to qualifying for the 2016 Marathon Olympic Trials.